FREE Guided Meditations Series

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FREE Guided Meditations Series

Course Description

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For many who set off on their journey to a happier life, meditation is the first, crucial step: It can bring along a deep sense of inner peace and become the basis to form all other habits one.

Guided meditation means that you are verbally guided to a comfortable state of consciousness. Life-coach Melinda Csikos will teach you how to relax your entire body, clear your mind, concentrate on breathing and focus your awareness and attention on the present.

Course Benefits

  • Release tension of your body and mind
  • Gain clarity and inner peace
  • Become aware of your intuition
  • Decrease nervousness and anxiety
  • Better sleep

Who is this course for?

The Course is for anyone who feels they need to relax and find their focus. If you want to start a new habit to help with your pursuit of Happiness, this course is for you.

What are the requirements?

  • No prior knowledge needed
  • No specialised equipment needed



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