How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

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Jodi Aman

From the garden she started when she was 8 years old to the baby ducks she found a home when she was 10, Jodi has always been passionate about nurturing life. With sharp empathy into the complexities of people’s pain–since she has recovered from her own family chaos and panic attacks–and a keen understanding of how and why people get stuck there, Jodi has decided to dedicate her life to helping people feel less lonely and afraid.

How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

Course description

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Anxiety can bring about terrifying experiences for anyone that suffers from it. However, you need to know that there is support out there! Jodi offers great techniques on how to deal with anxiety attacks today and offers insight in to what is happening, so that you can be better prepared in dealing with symptoms like panic attacks.

Do you battle anxiety on a daily basis? Although it may feel like protecting yourself will keep you safe, your fears may be holding you back from experiencing life. This 10-lesson course from psychotherapist Jodi Aman covers important self-care and healing skills that help balance the mind and body by managing feelings of doubt, anxiety, and fear. In addition to tips for coping with general anxiety, this course presents strategies for coping with panic attacks, fear of flying, and trust issues.

Course Benefits

  • Learn how to manage negative feelings that can arise in anxiety, doubt and fear.
  • Learn strategies you can apply in your life to help you cope with situations you struggle in.
  • Learn about the importance of allowing yourself to feel and how you can use this to better yourself.
  • learn the effects that creativity can have on your emotions and spiritual sense.
  • Learn principles you can apply to situations where you struggle with a phobia e.g. flying.
  • Learn how you can use nature to calm your anxiety.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone struggling with anxiety
  • Anyone who faces a daily struggle with panic attacks or negative emotions
  • anyone that just wants to become more confident and transform themselves in some way
  • anyone that knows someone with anxiety related issues and wants to understand.

What are the requirements?

  • Due to the nature of the subject, you should be comfortable facing your anxieties
  • You should be ready to commit to changing your life for the better

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Module 1: Allowing Yourself To Feel Emotions


Module 2: How Creativity Affects Your Brain


Module 3: How to Stop Self-Judgement


Module 4: Removing Barriers to Heal


Module 5: How to Practice Self-Care


Module 6: How to Use Nature to Ease Anxiety


Module 7: How to Stop a Panic Attack


Module 8: How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying


Module 9: Love Rather Than Worry About Others


Module 10: Resolving Anxiety and Trust Issues