Manage Your Time and Be Happier!

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Manage Your Time and Be Happier!

Course Description

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Bad Time Management can make you UNHAPPY FRUSTRATED and MISERABLE

Managing your time does not have to be difficult, and certainly does not need to involve multi-tasking! Your time management skills can receive a boost today with this variety packed course that offers lots of helpful hints and tips on how to ensure you make the most of your time, however you wish to spend it.

Time and planning you can create space for YOU and help yourself work more efficiently and more efficiently and as a consequence you will be able to spend more time on the things you enjoy that make you ‘HAPPY’.

Course Benefits

  • Over 19 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • Organise your days’ better
  • Be able to implement simple and effective systems for time management
  • Have more space to do what you want

Who is this course for?

  • If you don’t have enough time and are disorganised
  • If you want simple solutions to getting things done
  • If you are unable to plan your time properly and effectively
  • If you think time management belongs in a Harvard Business School Classroom
  • This course is for anyone that wants to free up space and be more effective

What are the requirements?

  • Be able to schedule a small amount of time to the course
  • Understand English
  • Be willing to commit a few minutes each day from now on
  • You only need a willingness to get yourself organised and utilise your time better.

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1: Introduction and what this course is all about


2: Understanding Your Time


4: Scheduling Your Time Appropriately


6: Planning


8: Managing Interruptions


10: Delegation