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Get help for child anxiety with this course that teaches techniques to deal with anxiety that will help kids to feel more relaxed and more confident!

Give Fear the Boot! 7 Ways to Help Children With Anxiety

by Jodi Aman

Learn how to study more effectively and get better grades at school, college or university with this unmissable study skills course from Danny Zacharias!

College Study Skills: Set Yourself up for Success

by Danny Zacharias

Find out how to control difficult people and defuse tension, particularly in the workplace, with this very helpful course from Neil Thompson!

Handling Aggression

by Neil Thompson


Boost your managerial skills and become more confident and respected with this fantastic course from business tutor Ken Wells!

Leadership Skills Mastery

by Ken Wells


If you struggle with sleep problems or can't sleep well for any reason give this course from Hari Kalymnios a go and learn how to get a great night's sleep!

Sleep Better Tonight

by Hari Kalymnios

Learn new time management skills that will boost your productivity and give you more time in the day with this great course from Anthony Straeger!

Manage Your Time and Be Happier!

by Anthony Straeger


Learn how to control the emotions of yourself and others and do better in work or social situations with this helpful course from Nancy Radford!

How to Deal with Difficult People

by Nancy Radford

Boost your productivity with this course designed to help give you the time management skills needed to reduce your workload and feel less stressed!

Time and Workload Management

by Neil Thompson

Learn everything you need to know to start making tasty and healthy juices for yourself with this easy to follow and fun course from The Juice Kitchen team!

Juice Kitchen: A Beginners Guide to Juicing

by The Juice Kitchen

Find out how to exercise at work and clear stress with this great 5 day yoga programme from our specialist instructor Marija Bukarac!

5 Days office Yoga Challenge

by Marija Bukarac

Learn everything you need to start meditating at home with this excellent free course from renowned life coach Melinda Csikos!

FREE Guided Meditations Series

by Melinda Csikos


Learn how to make a healthy breakfast that will give you energy all day long with this quick practical course from Hari Kalymnios!

All Day Energy "Kick Ass" Breakfast

by Hari Kalymnios


How to Increase Your Personal Energy and Help more People

by Adam Shaw

Freshen up your love life by identifying the barriers between you and your partner and how to build past them for a stronger and healthier relationship!

21 Day Relationship Bootcamp

by Patricia Thompson

If you've ever found yourself stuck in rut this course is for you, teaching you the skills you need to find inspiration and make things happen in your life.

Find the Courage & Freedom to get what you want!

by Duda Jadrijevic

Give your relationships a boost and learn new skills that'll help you meet the right people in life with this incredible course.

How to attract real love and friends for life

by Duda Jadrijevic

Meditation can be hard to make time for, but it is worth indulging in. Luigi wants to help you experience the benefits it can bring you!

Meditation for busy people

by Luigi Potenza

Unlock a new more relaxed world for yourself with this course - teaching you the basics of Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Meditation.

7 Simple Stretchbodymind Secrets

by Victoria Cunningham-Downey

Improve communication between you and your partner with this inspiring course from relationship expert Bogdan Vaida!

Love Dialects: The Languages of Love

by Bogdan Vaida

Build your confidence and mental toughness with this great course that'll give you the techniques you need to have a happier and stronger mind!

How to Develop Resilience and Live Well

by Adam Shaw

Overcome your stress in just 3 weeks with this day-by-day guide to identifying what's stressing you and dealing with it.  Take our course today!

Learn how to manage stress

by Mary-Jane Sharratt

Learn 7 different ways of turning things around when you're feeling low with this fun and relaxing course from happiness expert Nancy Radford!

7 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

by Nancy Radford

Take our online Therapeutic Art course from Libby Seery and learn how to use your creative side for healing and relaxation!

Therapeutic Art

by Libby Seery


Take this online CBT course from expert Libby Seery and learn how to treat yourself and others with the latest in mental therapy techniques.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Training

by Libby Seery


Find out how to stop stress building up in your life by dealing with it head on with this incredibly useful online course from expert tutor Neil Thompson!

Dealing With Stress

by Neil Thompson

Learn how to improve your study skills with this course that will cover all the revision techniques you need to get great grades at school or uni!

Essential Study Skills: Strategies for Ultimate Success

by Sarah Simpson

Boost your self awareness and learn how understanding yourself better can unlock the happiness in your life.  This amazing course will show you how!

How to Discover Your Magic and Improve Your Life

by Wolfgang Riebe

Find out the best ways to heal stress and build a happier and more relaxed life for yourself with this great online course!

How to Heal from a Life of Trauma and Stress

by Lise Leblanc

Learn how to stop anxiety attacks and have a happier and more relaxed life with this amazing course from experienced tutor Jodi Aman!

How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

by Jodi Aman


Find out how Conditioning, Honesty, Wealth and Passion can all help you out with this set of life lessons from self-help guru Wolfgang Riebe!

Learn 4 Life Truths that will Change Your Life

by Wolfgang Riebe


Find out recipes and techniques for making your own homemade natural herbal remedies with this course from master alternative therapist Don Ollsin!

Learn How to Make Herbal Medicines with Confidence

by Don Ollsin

Learn mindfulness and how it can help you clear your mind and feel better!  This expert course from Libby Seery will teach you everything you need to know.


by Libby Seery


Learn the basics of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and how understanding the power of words can help you be more confident and successful!

NLP Foundation course for Beginners

by Hari Kalymnios

This 1 hour online from expert Chris Johnstone will help make you mentally tougher and able to take on new challenge which will help you be happier!

Personal Resilience in an Hour

by Chris Johnstone


Improve your voice and learn how to become a more confident public speaker with this great course from media and communications expert TJ Walker!

Voice Improvement: You Can Speak With Confidence

by Timothy John (TJ) Walker

Learn how to grow your own wheatgrass at home and turn it into tasty, nutritious juice that will supercharge your diet! Take our online course today.

SUPER FOODS: Supercharge Your Body With Nutrition Wheatgrass

by Diego Davila

Start overcoming anxiety with these 10 tips that will change how you deal with anxiety and let you be more confident and relaxed in your everyday life.

Ten Powerful Tools to Overcome Anxiety and Reclaim Your Life

by Melody Litton

Find inner peace and learn stress relief techniques that will help you stay calm and confident with this powerful course.  Start online with us today!

The Map to Whole Peace

by Jodi Aman

Learn the secret of habit making and breaking with this extremely useful course from expert Bodgan Vaida!

The Secrets of Habits

by Bogdan Vaida

Learn how to be happy by understanding your emotions and using happy experiences in your past to build a better future!  Take our course today.

Unlocking Your Happiness

by Joeel and Natalie Rivera

Whether you're best man, father of the bride or the groom, learn what makes a great wedding speech that will make the day more special with this course!

Wedding Speech: You Can Give a Fantastic Wedding Speech

by Timothy John (TJ) Walker