The Team is the place to take your first steps in learning how to lead a happier life.

FeedMyHappy has been created by TEFL Org UK who have years of experience at developing highly accredited and market-leading Teaching English as a Foreign language (TEFL) courses. We are an experienced team who believe that you can make choices and develop habits that can change your life and that we can help you in your self-development by offering a wide range of different courses that aim to do this. We are utilising our skills in online marketing to develop this platform to promote happiness across the globe, with the aim of becoming the ‘go to’ site for anyone wanting to become a happier individual.

In person:

Joe Hallwood, CEO and Co-Founder Originally a teacher and teacher trainer, Joe founded TEFL Org UK and years of experience in online course development and online marketing.

“I was having lunch in a café and looking at the people around me. Looking at their faces, it occurred to me that happiness, although within everyone’s grasp seems to be strangely elusive. Why was it that there are so many unhappy people about? From my own experience, I realised that it was because people need support and structure to develop happiness because it takes practice and motivation. Reading a book isn’t enough, and Amazon is full of self-help and personal development books mainly because people continue to need help no matter how many books they read. So, I decided I would create a site where people could meet other like-minded people with similar goals and receive moral support and get the expert help and support from structured programmes.”

Jennifer MacKenzie-Hallwood, Co-Founder

Current Managing Director of TEFL Org UK, the UK’s largest and leading TEFL training business, Jennifer’s past experience ranges from au-pair in Austria, to teacher in Greece, to a stint in the UK’s Civil Service in the Noughties before helping co-found and launch TEFL Org UK in 2008.

A firm believer in self-development and continual learning, Jennifer tries to offer opportunities to her own team to self-improve and aims for a happy workplace with access to online learning; birthdays off, team nights out.

‘We’ve recently introduced a quiet area at work where our team members are able to take time out to do online training, catch up on learning, write blogs etc in relative peace and quiet. I feel it is really important to give people as many different learning opportunities and types at work as possible. A workforce that feels invested is a far more productive workforce than one that doesn’t’

Kurt Bergmann, COO With many years’ experience in content development and unconventional online marketing with Red Bull and TEFL Org UK, Kurt has driven the development of from the outset. Naturally humorous and insanely happy, he delivers a high level of professionalism and an attention to detail.

“This is by far the most exciting project I have worked on and I truly believe we can make a fundamental difference to many people’s lives. I aim to make sure that the experience of for instructors and users alike will be as positive as it possibly can be.”



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